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Are you hungry for some cash back from the government?

Innovators in the food and beverage industry can claim £s of R&D Tax Credits and Datafox can help businesses achieve their full entitlement.

As you are making new food and drinks to appeal to today’s consumers so you are missing out on a slice of cash back. Research found that a staggering 95% of businesses in the Food & Beverage world are not claiming R&D Tax Credits. The scope of claims is broad from product and manufacturing innovation to creating new advancements in IT, distribution and communication.  Let’s help you claim back the £s for your innovations. Just check the next three steps and you’ll be well on your way to collecting your tax credits. Cutting edge expertise and innovation deserves recognition and remuneration.

1 What are R&D Tax Credits?

The government introduced R&D Tax Credits in 2000. The scheme allows businesses to reclaim money invested in research and development of new products and practices to encourage the UK to be at the forefront of innovation.

SMEs can reclaim up to 26% (or 33.35% if loss making) of eligible spending on R&D. You’re a SME if turnover is under £100m with less than 500 staff.

Large businesses can apply for an after-tax relief of 9.72% of eligible R&D expenditure.

The incentive to claim is high as the monetary rewards can be significant. Claims experts, Datafox achieve average R&D Tax claims of more than £50,000.

2 What R&D elements can be claimed for?

There is a broad spectrum of advancements and innovation which qualify as research and development within a company.

There are numerous eligible claims – not just the obvious innovations in new product development, ingredients, manufacture, environmentally-friendly production and enhancements. Time, money and expertise in researching and developing new solutions and knowledge, new codes and capabilities demonstrate the sheer scope and volume of R&D Tax Credit claims which are possible. Datafox experts have digested the giant HMRC tome of eligibility guidelines to steer you through to the best possible outcome.

3 The benefits of using a specialist, Datafox

You are an expert within the food and drink world while Datafox excels in the R&D Tax Credit environment. Partnering with Datafox ensures you maximise your potential claim and takes the time and hassle out of the investigation and application process. This leaves you free to create further exciting developments in food and drinks, ready for the next round of R&D Tax Credits. Enjoy the boost to your bank balance.


The next step: Contact Datafox today to check eligibility and start your R&D claim. Reclaim what is rightfully yours.

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R&D Tax Credits for the Financial Services Industry – Find it too Taxing? http://www.data-fox.co.uk/financial-services-industry/ Wed, 02 May 2018 11:44:48 +0000 http://www.data-fox.co.uk/?p=743 R&D Tax Credits for Financial Services Industry - we let you watch the pennies while we get back your pounds!

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Would you believe that more than 95% of eligible businesses within the Financial Services Industry are failing to make a Research and Development Tax Credits claim?
There is no doubting that the Financial Services Industry plays a vital role in not just the UK but also the world economy. One of the UK’s largest industries for employment this service sector is often regarded as the powerhouse of the Great British economy. With this in mind, you would expect perhaps, that every penny would count. And yet millions of pounds let alone pennies are being lost by eligible financial organisations failing to claim R&D Tax Credits. The UK Government-backed scheme has been in place since the year 2000 and has paid out more than £9.5 billion to innovative businesses.

Do you have a new financial innovation?

The R&D Tax Credits scheme rewards Financial Services companies that innovate to improve their productivity, performance or competitiveness. The form of the innovation is varied from technology, to developing new products, processes or services; or even enhancing existing ones. If your business is spending money to improve, there’s a case for a successful claim.
Some examples of successful claims processed by Datafox for organisations within the Financial Services Industry:

  • Company A developed risk assessment models for evaluation
  • Company B developed risk assessment models for evaluation pricing;
  • Company C automated manual processing via software upgrades
  • Company D developed customer communication reporting facilities
  • Company E developed an API for client software integration
Time to process your R&D Tax Credits claim?

Getting started with your claim couldn’t be easier because Datafox provides a simple solution, we do it for you on a NO Win NO Fee basis!
As there are no upfront costs all you need to do is invest a little time to help us gather the critical claim information and then leave the rest to us. Our team of Research and Development Tax Credits specialists keep you updated every step of the process with the average claim taking around 6 to 8 weeks from start to finish. With the ending being a cash back payment into your bank account.

Start your claim today and then we will leave you to watch the pennies while we get back your pounds!

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What’s Brewing for the UK Food and Beverage Industry http://www.data-fox.co.uk/food-and-beverage-industry/ Tue, 13 Mar 2018 14:34:03 +0000 http://www.data-fox.co.uk/?p=702 Datafox gives food for thought within the Food and Beverage industry.

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Datafox specialises in delivering R&D Tax Credits for those within the Food and Beverage industry.
Is extra funding on your menu?
The Food and Beverage industry contributes £28.8 billion to the British economy on a yearly basis it’s more significant than the automotive and aerospace industries combined. Employing over 400,000 people there can be little doubt of its importance to the UK economy. An incredible 97% of the 7,000 businesses within the Food and Beverage sector are SME’s, those that can significantly benefit from the government-backed Research and Tax Credits scheme.
What qualifies as R&D?
The R&D Tax Credits scheme was introduced by the UK Government in 2000 with the aim of encouraging innovation and global competitiveness by allowing companies to reclaim some of the money invested in qualified research and development. What is regarded as eligible for Research and Development Tax Credits within the Food and Beverage industry would surprise you? Has your business done any of the following within the last two financial years?

  • Developed new production processes and techniques
  • Prototype product samples for testing new recipe formulations
  • Conducted sensory tests and evaluations of prototype samples
  • Improved existing production processes to improve efficiency or reduce human resources, lead time, and waste
  • Developed new machinery and equipment for the production and testing of food products
  • Developed new packaging designs to provide enhanced functionality or increased product shelf life
  • Developed cost-effective EU Compliant recipe formulations for new food products and flavourings
  • Improved existing food or drink product formulations to achieve specified nutritional requirements, including sodium content and caloric value
  • Improved existing food product formulations to enhance sensory qualities including flavour, appearance, and texture
  • Improved existing food product formulations to extend product shelf life
  • Developed new or improved ingredients/ bases, agricultural or chemical materials using science and technology that goes into the food products
  • Developed cost effective, transparent labelling using paper labelling machines, overcoming practical and aesthetic issues improving an existing process

How much can my business claim back?
SMEs can recover up to 26% (if in profit) and 33.35% (if loss-making) of all eligible R&D expenditure. Large companies/ organisations can benefit from an after-tax benefit of 9.72% of the qualifying R&D expenditure.Many Food and Beverage organisations miss the opportunity to reap the potential rewards offered by the scheme.
Datafox and your business make the perfect combination
Specialists for the Food and Beverage industry means we understand your business. Resulting in our team of claims experts to successfully process your claim quickly and accurately keeping you informed of the progress at every step. In the last 12 months, the Datafox Research and Development Tax Credit Experts have processed £17 million pounds worth of claims on a NO WIN NO FEE BASIS and with NO UPFRONT costs.
Learn more about how your business can benefit now
Mini Case Study: Brewing & Pub Company
A brewing company that brews beer & operates some pubs on the south coast of England. The claim processed by the expert Datafox team relates to challenges to meet two independent issue regarding regulatory compliance: in the first instance, the brewer was required to invent a custom solution to the discharge of effluent into the sewer system after an issue was raised by the local water company. In the second instance, the brewer was required to design & install a bespoke extraction & air filtration system into the kitchens of one of their pubs. To meet the former requirement, a number of off-the-shelf solutions were tried but found to be wanting. In the end, the brewer had to make modifications to an Oil Tank system to allow capacity for effluent to be held during periods of excessive flow so that filtration systems could cope. To meet the air filtration requirement, the brewer had to work closely with subcontractors to design a system that would fit into an old building, and that would satisfy local authority & DEFRA regulations.
A successful claim was made with the brewer receiving a substantial cash back payment from HMRC with eight weeks.

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Reap the rewards of R&D for the Tech Industry! The cash is waiting… http://www.data-fox.co.uk/tech-industry-randd-tax-credits/ Mon, 29 Jan 2018 10:27:52 +0000 http://www.data-fox.co.uk/?p=693 Are you getting your 'loyalty' reward for your technology development?

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Is your tech industry business missing your government ‘loyalty bonus’?
Here’s an interesting statistic for you: Over 85% of British households now have loyalty cards, with an average of more than 3 per household. We’re second in the world only to Finland as avid users of loyalty programmes (source: Nielsen global loyalty sentiment survey).
Fancy that! It’s now completely normal for us to expect nice things in return for money we were already going to spend. We just register, then go about our lives accumulating benefits by purchasing what we needed anyway.
But of course, there’s a good reason for loyalty programmes, isn’t there? It’s almost as if we’re being incentivised…
You can see what we’re driving at.  Invest in your usual programme of tech industry projects, then claim back tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, as a spur to yet more innovation and creativity. Just like a loyalty bonus and we do it all the time elsewhere. But it’s not happening in tech.
Lots of head scratching has ensued.  As many as 95% of British tech companies could claim their R&D tax credits back from HMRC, but it goes unclaimed. Maybe it’s all too complicated, maybe the criteria isn’t clear enough, maybe this, maybe that. But there’s really no mystery. There’s a good practical reason why the claims aren’t happening:
It’s out of process. It’s simply not in the daily operational focus of almost any tech industry company.
But it is our focus. R&D tax claims are our tech.
Just look at a few of the qualifying criteria for R&D tax credits. It’s your bread and butter:

  • New product development
  • Improved functionality of hardware/software
  • New or improved methods of data capture, transmission and encryption
  • Upgrade software to run on new hardware
  • Issue resolution of new or existing hardware/software

While you pursue your areas of expertise, we pursue ours for you. We undertake a 3-step process that to date, has lead to every claim we’ve made being approved first time:

  1. Research and identify appropriate projects
  2. Develop and prepare a fully compliant claim
  3. Delivery of the claim for a successful outcome

In the last 12 months, datafox has successfully processed an astonishing £17 million worth of claims for our clients, all managed through our fast, efficient and transparent claim process.
Contact Datafox today, and discover how your business could benefit from our proven claims process. After all, it’s your cash! Let’s claim it back.

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Budget 2017 R&D Tax Credits: The Story is Between the Lines http://www.data-fox.co.uk/budget-2017-rd-tax-credits-story-lines/ Tue, 28 Nov 2017 10:36:29 +0000 http://www.data-fox.co.uk/?p=677 Read the real SME R&D Tax Credits story from Budget 2017

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The Chancellor Backs the Datafox Research and Development Tax Credits Story for SME’s!

As the dust settles on another Budget, many within the Finance industry have purely focused on the R&D Tax Credits increase for larger businesses, and suggested bewilderment at the lack of growth in the R&D Tax Credits rate for SME’s.

But is this the case?

Is there an untold story we can read between the lines?

What’s the point of giving more of nothing!

What the Chancellor gave within the summarised notes were vital clues on why an increase wasn’t the answer for SME’S, mainly as they don’t claim in the first place!
“The government are set to launch a campaign to increase awareness of eligibility for R&D Tax Credits among SME’s.” The Chancellor has allocated the money that would have been available to cover any growth in the R&D Tax Credits rate towards marketing activity to encourage SME’s to start making claims. Datafox R&D Tax Credits works tirelessly to raise the awareness amongst SME’s as research shows that more than 95% of eligible businesses are not making a claim. Thus, on the face of it, the Chancellor could have made a political gain by including SME’s within the increase, but it would have been a pretty hollow gesture. What’s required is the greater awareness of the scheme, so more SME’s become motivated to get their fair share.

The plot and pot just got bigger!

If you’re an SME reading this article and are feeling a little disgruntled, then don’t. The story is not another tale of big business being looked after while the little guy is left behind. The Chancellor also announced an increase in the total pot available for all as he is hoping for a far higher percentage of SME’s to start making claims following the awareness campaign.  The Government has committed to an investment of an additional £4.7 billion over the next four years in Research and Development funding. Therefore, there’s a lot more in the pot for everyone!

The story takes a twist!

The Government has particularly identified businesses that develop and use key emerging technologies as the focus for their awareness campaign ensuring there are no barriers to these organisations claiming R&D Tax Credits.

Have your happy ending!

Is your business considered an SME?
And it’s not making an R&D Tax Credits claim?
Is it involved in research and development within emerging technologies?
And it’s not making an R&D Tax Credits claim?

Contact the Datafox R&D Tax Credits expert team today to start your story with a happy ever after ending.

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Datafox Team Charity Half Marathon http://www.data-fox.co.uk/datafox-team-charity-half-marathon/ Thu, 28 Sep 2017 13:12:57 +0000 http://www.data-fox.co.uk/?p=672 Support the Datafox Team as they take on a Charity Half Marathon

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The Datafox team comprising of Jonathan, Jake, Piia and Setta will on Sunday the 8th of October take part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon to raise money for Royal Trinity Hospice and the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. The team take on the challenge in the name of mother-in-law, grandmother, a voice of reason Suzy Aprahamian. Sadly, she passed away earlier this year after a painful battle with cancer.  Suzy received her care from both the Royal Marsden and also from Royal Trinity Hospice, so the team wish to give back to those who showed her such attention and love in her last days. Datafox Director Jonathan Leefield stated, “Suzy was very special to all of us in her different ways – she had a joy for life that was infectious and will never be forgotten.” “We will be running for 13.1 miles through Hyde Park, Green Park, St James’ Park and Kensington Gardens as well as a little foray down the Strand and hoping that our training over the summer pays off.” Jonathan added, “We are delighted to show our gratitude to all who cared for Suzy. We are keen to raise as much as we can for both charities and ask all who know us to dig deep.”
Royal Trinity Hospice provides care for 1,500 people with advanced illnesses every year, within their homes or at the hospice. The patients are supported in living every moment to the full and achieving the best possible quality of life. This financial year they must raise £12 million as under 30% of their funding comes from the NHS.
Royal Marsden Cancer Charity raises money solely to support The Royal Marsden, a world-leading cancer centre.   By giving support, it means they can continue to be there for everyone who needs them. Helping ensures nurses, doctors and research teams can provide the very best care and develop life-saving treatments which are used here in the UK and around the world. From funding state-of-the-art equipment and ground-breaking research to creating the best patient environments, they never stop looking for ways to improve the lives of people affected by cancer.
To support the Datafox team simple click the links to the Just Giving pages for Royal Marsden Cancer Charity and Royal Trinity. Help us make a difference to someone’s life who may suffer from cancer.
Just Giving Royal Marsden Cancer Charity
Just Giving Royal Trinity Hospice

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Intellectual Property & R&D Tax Relief http://www.data-fox.co.uk/intellectual-property/ Thu, 20 Jul 2017 11:17:43 +0000 http://www.data-fox.co.uk/?p=657 Help your clients get something back for their Intellectual Property.

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The HMRC R&D Tax Credits scheme is not just for the men in white coats!
Intellectual Property makes a great case for R&D Tax Relief.
“Innovation is the development of new products, services and processes, which may
be based on cutting edge research. Improving the UK’s innovation performance is an
essential component of the Government’s growth plan.
“A large body of evidence shows that innovative economies are more productive and
faster growing. They deliver higher returns on investment and increased living
standards. They are better at responding to changing circumstances through
redeploying old activities and jobs. They are more able to find solutions to global
challenges such as reducing dependence on fossil fuels, helping people live longer
and healthier lives.
“UK businesses have to invest more in innovation activities to grow. Innovative
businesses grow twice as fast, both in employment and sales, as businesses that fail
to innovate.
“Innovation will drive the competitiveness of our businesses in the global economy. In
technology-based sectors, research is a primary driver of innovation, and research can
also discover and exploit new technologies, sometimes giving rise to new industries.
In other sectors the rapid adoption of technologies and the development of intangible
assets are essential to innovate, sometimes transforming existing industries.”
Government’s Innovation and Research Strategy for Growth
Every day in the life of Datafox is like throwing a surprise birthday party. We leave people speechless when informing them that their product, service or Intellectual property qualifies for an R&D Tax Relief claim. There is a great myth that only the scientific industry can benefit from the scheme. It is designed to help all businesses who look to develop something new as can be seen in the government statement above. Intellectual property is a significant basis on which to make a claim. With your assistance, your clients jumped through many hoops to achieve their Trademark status or had original work applied with a copyright or patent. So why not also help them get something back?
Intellectual property is a valuable financial asset and as such, can give rise for businesses to qualify for UK tax relief schemes like that of R&D Tax Credits.
The HMRC research and development scheme is the single largest support for UK business, designed to encourage innovation and global competitiveness by allowing companies to reclaim some of the money invested in qualifying R&D development. The main criteria are determining whether an innovative company is seeking an advance in knowledge or improving a product or service, and resolving uncertainties in the process.
Datafox partners with Intellectual Property Legal Specialists across the UK, providing a tax service that benefits both their clients and their practice. Working with you to spread the word across your businesses network will bring significant rewards in the form of introducer fees.
Datafox offers a very rewarding Introducers Agreement; The R&D tax credit can equate to up to 33p for every £1 spent on qualifying costs. Thus, if a UK Ltd company spends £150,000 on qualifying R&D, they could receive up to £50,000 as cash back. As an Introducer, you will get a percentage of the amount recovered by simply introducing us to your client.
Let’s start by giving your clients a nice surprise today!
Find out more.

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What Qualifies For R&D Tax Relief… The Answer May Surprise You http://www.data-fox.co.uk/randd-tax-relief/ Thu, 29 Jun 2017 16:23:45 +0000 http://www.data-fox.co.uk/?p=630 What has your business done new lately?

The post What Qualifies For R&D Tax Relief… The Answer May Surprise You appeared first on RDEL Limited.

The UK government offer an R&D tax relief incentive scheme for limited businesses.
The qualifying criteria are varied and often overlooked by eligible businesses.
Eligibility – Has your business done something new lately?
At the core of all possible claims is that your company has done something new, something that benefits your business and may also benefits others. Every day organisations dedicate significant management time to advancing all aspects of the business from technology to operating procedures, from customer service to dealing with waste. Whatever the advancement it could lead to a possible successful claim.
Here are a few qualifying questions to ask:
Has your business:
–    Created or adapted new machinery, software, hardware or office equipment?
–    Advanced software, operating systems, working practices or staff development programmes?
–    Developed new product or products, recipes, formulas for science or algorithm’s?
–    Designed new technology, processes, environmentally-friendly packaging?
–    Innovated in any way?
Just some of the questions to ask but indeed not the only things to consider.
Claims – It’s about building a case not ticking boxes.
Once the area of the application is identified the process, it is about creating the detailed narrative to the claim. Successful R&D Tax Relief claims are much more than just ticking boxes. The ‘ducks’ must be lined up to achieve the desired outcome. The narrative must be supported with accurate and reliable numbers. Imagine you were on the receiving end of a desk full of claims each day, those presenting the easiest way to refuse will be rejected. The claims that have been prepared professionally, with a strong narrative case and with detailed relative figures, will be successful. Just ask our team of R&D tax relief experts. It takes real skill to achieve a 100% claim success rate as they have done.
Audits – Not all R&D Tax Credit Specialists are the same.
Surprisingly, 95% of eligible businesses are still not making a claim, and of the 5% that do many are missing out on the maximum benefit to be obtained. In a market, that provides such a labour-intensive service on a no win no fee basis, you will often find many ‘stack them high and sell them out cheap’ operators. Datafox couldn’t be further from this business model. Quality rather than quantity is our mantra for businesses of all sizes no matter the potential claim size. Our R&D tax relief team will take the time to ensure they do the necessary legwork to bring about a winning claim. Carried out in a way that limits the time you need to invest so you can get on with your daily business life without disruption.
Start your R&D tax relief claim now, and in a few weeks’ time, you might be in for a big surprise. 

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Credit Where R&D Tax Credits are Due http://www.data-fox.co.uk/credit-rd-tax-credits-due/ Mon, 19 Jun 2017 13:12:51 +0000 http://www.data-fox.co.uk/?p=626 Don't Miss Out On Your Opportunity to Claim R&D Tax Credits for your business.

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95% of eligible businesses in the UK are failing to claim Research and Development Tax Credits, are you one?
The UK government set out a tax relief scheme several years ago to encourage companies to innovate. The aim of the programme is to provide valuable funding in the form of R&D Tax Credits to those businesses looking to create something new that benefits their company and perhaps others. As Britain strives to compete in a global marketplace the need to innovate to stay ahead has never been more vital. Luckily HMRC wants to help you do this by offering the opportunity to receive as much as a third back on the investment your business has made in research and development. But here’s the surprising point, less than 5% of companies eligible for this funding are making a claim!
Unbelievable, right?
Why aren’t HMRC being flooded with claims?
Mainly due to awareness and time. Like many of these schemes, the opportunity exists to only those who are receipt of the information. Most business owners are putting in long hours, running to stand still you may say. They don’t have time to seek the information let alone complete a dossier of activity that could aid a successful R&D Tax Credits claim. Datafox R&D Tax Credits specialists can help. (Claim Now) Engaging us on a no win no fee basis ensures your organisation invests minimal time in your application as we do all the legwork for you keeping you updated every step of the way. Making a claim can be a complicated basis, but Datafox keeps it simple allowing you to do what you do best, delivering on the next idea.
Free money, what’s the catch?
The R&D Tax Credits scheme is open to all limited businesses whether they make a profit or not. They can be big or small with the level of potential tax relief changing based on company size and profit or loss position. Many find what constitutes research and development surprising. Several business owners assume it’s only within the medical profession, but something simple as a recipe change within the food and beverage industry can be eligible for a successful R&D Tax Credits claim.  (Find out more)
How do I get in on this?
You can start the process now by just contacting Datafox. We will work with you to gather the information required to make a successful claim; we should point out here that Datafox has a 100% successful claims record. From there, our team of R&D Tax Credits specialists will build and make a claim on your behalf. It doesn’t affect your tax position and costs within the previous two financial years can be considered. A claim can be made each fiscal year so long as development work has been undertaken with the claim process taking on average 5 to 6 weeks to reach a satisfactory conclusion. Often in the form of a cash back payment.
So what are you waiting on?
Start your claim now. 

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Think R&D Tax Credits and Angels Den Appears http://www.data-fox.co.uk/think-rd-tax-credits-angels-den/ Thu, 08 Jun 2017 15:47:39 +0000 http://www.data-fox.co.uk/?p=622 Learn how the Datafox R&D Tax Credits claims team delivered three time the benefit for Angels Den.

The post Think R&D Tax Credits and Angels Den Appears appeared first on RDEL Limited.

Datafox achieves R&D tax credits for Angels Den of over £100k!
Angels Den connect investors with dynamic companies with propositions and business models that will see them last. Avoiding fads or over-valued businesses Angels Den prides itself on the fact that over 90% of businesses funded since 2013 continue to trade today.
Angels Den approached Datafox to extract maximum value from their R&D tax credits claim. Pleasingly mission accomplished. However, it comes as no surprise to Datafox. Our claims team are experts in their field with a 100% track record. Not only in delivering a successful claim but also having it agreed by the HMRC first time. Quite a feat.
To think Angels Den took no risk in undertaking this action as Datafox work on a No Win No Fee basis. Plus, investment in time by Angels Den management was minimal as Datafox do all the processing keeping the client informed every step of the way.
The R&D tax credits scheme is a Government backed incentive for businesses to invest in new processes, software, hardware, and lots more. In fact, it may surprise you just what constitutes as research and development. What’s more, you may not have considered all the cost elements that can make up a claim. Angels Den is a case in point with the Datafox team of R&D tax credits specialists achieving a payment three times greater than their former consultants. Processing a research and development tax credit claim can be a complicated process so to obtain the benefits in full applications are best prepared by those doing it day in and out.
Datafox specialises in only R&D tax credits claims with the total value of successful applications now standing at more than £6,000,000, assuring your claim is processed with speed, efficiency and transparency.
Book you free consultation now: 0800 035 2510

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