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Admin & Support Services

Datafox specialises in making R&D Tax Credit claims for those in the Admin & Support Services sector

Admin & Support Services

Datafox is an expert in making successful R&D Tax Credit claims for those within the Admin & Support Services Industry

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The administration and services sector is a vital area of the economy that has shown steady growth in the last decade. But due to the diversity in businesses within this sector, there has always been a divergence in its overall performance. Even so, the annual growth rate of the sector is expected to be 6.71% between 2021-2024, with the revenue from its businesses projected to be USD 215,706 M in 2021. Administration and support services play a crucial role in the smooth and effective functioning of a business. Many companies within this sector make significant contributions to R&D and innovation but are not recognised enough for their efforts.

An important area of innovation in administration and support services is the development of new technology and digital applications that address the specific challenges faced by businesses and their clients. A lot of R&D also focuses on integrating mobile technologies and operating platforms and resolving technical hardware or software related difficulties. There are many types of businesses that can qualify for R&D Tax Credits within this industry such as travel agencies, employment services, rental activities, building and landscape service activities, and office administration among others. Some examples of areas of innovation in such business operations that can qualify for R&D Tax Credits are as follows:

  • Development of bespoke e-commerce and digital platforms to improve customer experience
  • Design and development of management and software platforms that speed up service processes
  • Development or improvement of communication tools
  • Successful integration of mobile technology with operating platforms to get better results and experience
  • Development of innovative security and encryption solutions that are unlike any existing ones
  • Development of new methods of improving and streamlining customer support
  • Development of bespoke online booking systems

Why Choose Datafox for Admin & Support Services R&D Tax Credit Claims?

Datafox specialises in making successful R&D Tax Credits claims in the administration and support services sector. Our tax experts can identify all the opportunities within your R&D and help your business get maximum cashback in the form of R&D Tax Credits. Our experts prepare and write the claim, making sure it ticks all the correct boxes to maximise your claim. Datafox does not charge any upfront costs and operates on a No-Win-No-Fee basis so you can enjoy a smooth and risk-free claims process.

Innovation in Admin & Support Services

Many companies in the administration and support services sector conduct vital R&D to overcome challenges related to data processing and integration, client interface, security, scalability and more. Regardless of the area of innovation, your bespoke administrative solutions could be eligible to receive R&D Tax Credits. However, it is essential to get help from the right R&D Tax experts to gain the most from your innovation. Call us on 0800 035 2510 or email us at info@data-fox.com to check your eligibility and start your claim!


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