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The ever-growing world population and the climate change crisis have accelerated the need to find sustainable food resources. Especially when it comes to certain essential food substances like proteins, the demand to find alternative, more sustainable sources that are not animal-based is greater than ever. Enter alternative proteins! They are defined as plant-based or food-technology (‘clean meat’) animal protein alternatives. And you’d be surprised to know that there already is a considerable global market base for them, approximately that of £1.5 billion. Although meat-based proteins continue to dominate the market, protein alternatives to meat are gradually gaining prominence as more and more people across the world are switching to plant-based food sources.

Alternative Protein Sources

Alternative proteins not only have the potential to impact the livestock industry but may also lead to expansion and innovation in the agriculture sector. Whole plants such as pulses, seeds, grains, legumes, and nuts are considered some of the best sources of alternative proteins. Other sources include algae, insects, yeast fermented animal proteins, etc. One of the biggest advantages of using these high protein meat alternatives is that they can be produced and processed fairly easily and in a cost-effective, more environment-friendly manner as compared to traditional animal-based proteins. Innovation in agriculture and food technology is driving growth in this promising market. As more farmers and agriculture technologists seize this opportunity to become a part of this revolution, we are likely to see more innovative techniques of farming, production, and processing in the near future.

The Scope for Alternative Protein Industry in the UK

The UK provides one of the most supportive environments for pursuing innovation in any area, including agriculture. Whether it is funding support from the government through schemes like the R&D Tax Credits or access to the right knowledge and resources, innovators in the UK have everything they need to conduct vital R&D in agriculture and farming. The Datafox team has the experience and expertise to handle any agricultural R&D Tax Credit claims. If your business is involved in the production, processing or distribution of alternative proteins and is conducting ground-breaking R&D in the same, we can check if your innovation qualifies for R&D Tax Credits and help you make a successful claim. You can learn more about what qualifies as agricultural R&D and how we can help your business here.