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Architecture is one of the most complex and challenging fields that require the use of advanced methodologies in order to achieve the desired results. Our company was created with the aim to develop creative and innovative solutions that can solve complex technical architectural issues. Over the years, we have achieved a high level of expertise in working in historically sensitive, technically complex, or constrained contexts, which has led us to develop new and modern processes, technology and methodologies around traditional architectural processes and methods.

Tailor-Made Architectural Solutions

The primary aim of our company is to deliver bespoke architectural solutions that meet the individual requirements of our clients. All our briefs are efficiently developed after careful research and analysis of the client’s context. Such an advanced level of customisation for each client requires us to overcome several frequent technical challenges through the use of innovative technology, and our own creativity and tools. We solve such complex technical issues by exploring new materials and creating innovative technology, software/systems, and new innovative processes and methods in the design of existing and new buildings in historically sensitive, technically complex, or constrained contexts. Due to the nature of our business, our company invested a significant amount of time and money in extensive R&D processes, some of which included:

  • Developing and adopting new technology/software and bespoke construction methods
  • Creating and trialling new materials
  • Adapting and Interfacing between various types of Architectural Software Systems that don’t normally interface
  • Developing bespoke cladding, facades, fit-outs, and joinery systems
  • Creating and developing interventions in historic building fabric

Despite being heavily involved in such complex architectural R&D, we were unaware of the R&D tax credit scheme and unsure about our eligibility. Which is why, when DataFox approached us regarding the same, we were delighted to know about the prospect of being able to claim an R&D tax refund. Their team was extremely transparent about how much we could claim and how much we were owed. DataFox’s tax specialists took care of everything from the beginning including research and collation of data and developed an appropriate narrative around our development process, areas of R&D conducted and the technical challenges we had to overcome.  All the information was carefully checked by their internal review board before submission to HMRC so that there were no discrepancies.

DataFox are experts in R&D refund claims and specialise in Architectural Industry & Built Environment. So, if you are an architect firm and have conducted any R&D – developing new processes, developing and utilising new materials or fabrics, developing or customising software, developing or customising machinery or equipment, developing new paints, adhesives or coatings, or have developed bespoke facades, bespoke cladding, bespoke fit-outs, bespoke joinery systems or worked on any innovative, commercial or residential projects where you have overcome complex technical challenges, we can handle your case swiftly and efficiently on a no-win-no-fee basis and help you claim your R&D tax credit.

There are no upfront costs with DataFox – in the unlikely event your claim is declined, we do not charge you. You only pay our fee if the claim is successful and when this has been paid by HMRC!

Want to discuss further and see if your company is eligible? Contact Tony Martinez, Senior Claims Manager e: tony.martinez@data-fox.com t: 0800 035 2510