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Beauty Supplements

Datafox specialises in making R&D Tax Credit claims for those in the Beauty Supplements sector

Beauty Supplements

Datafox is an expert in making successful R&D Tax Credit claims for those within the Beauty Supplements Industry

Looking for a beautiful funding solution?

Beauty supplements are gradually emerging as the future of cosmetics and skincare across the world. They offer a convenient way of ensuring healthy skin without the tedious daily application routines of conventional skincare products. Such is the growing popularity of these ingestible beauty products that the global beauty supplements market is anticipated to register a CAGR of 4.8% in terms of revenue, over 2019-2027, to reach $3,721.6 million by 2027. Also called nutricosmetics, these edible beauty supplements are developed to help nourish and promote healthy skin, nails, and hair from within, instead of through local application. 

Since R&D is the only means of developing such specialised beauty supplements, businesses have to invest in research and development if they wish to achieve innovation in this area. Such businesses, both large and small, are often eligible to receive tax relief and funding through the government’s R&D Tax Credits scheme. However, only a few are aware of their eligibility. Many activities qualify, but some of the main ones involve:


  • Development of new or improved formulae specifically targeted at the skin, hair, or nails
  • Development of new methods for testing the taste and efficacy of the beauty supplements
  • Testing new ingredients and substances to be used in the manufacturing of beauty supplements
  • Development of new production and processing techniques
  • Development of new processing or packaging methods to improve shelf-life
  • Testing of new products as per the official health and safety regulations in the UK

Why Choose Datafox for Beauty Supplements-Related R&D Tax Credit Claims?

Datafox specialises in R&D Tax Credits for the beauty supplements industry. Our team of tax experts has extensive experience working with companies within your industry and can identify all the qualifying opportunities within your R&D for tax relief. We can ensure that you receive the maximum payout for your innovative beauty supplements range! We offer a swift and efficient claims writing and submission process, work on a NO-WIN-NO-FEE basis and charge NO UPFRONT COSTS. We’ll keep you informed about the progress of your claim at every step of the way, so you have complete peace of mind while waiting for your claim to go through.

Innovative Beauty Supplements

The cosmetic supplements market is constantly evolving with new and improved supplements specifically designed to give better skin, hair, or nail quality than their topical counterparts. Whether your company is involved in new product development or is working towards improving an existing formulation to launch a better quality range, it can qualify for R&D Tax Credits and receive substantial funding. Get in touch with our R&D Tax experts on 0800 035 2510 or email at info@data-fox.com, to check your eligibility and learn more about claiming R&D Tax Credits for innovation in the beauty supplements industry.

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