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99.5% of eligible organisations miss the opportunity to claim on their R&D Expenditure. If you are unsure whether you may be entitled to claim, speak to one of our team who will be happy to take you through the basics identifying any opportunities.

Case Study: Brainwave Drinks

Brainwave Drinks Ltd’s business is innovative, healthy functional drinks.  They created, developed and launched in the UK the Brainwave range of drinks, which are unique – helping maintain brain health and cognitive performance.  Similarly, their ProWater range of drinks – high protein, low calorie, great tasting and refreshing (not chalky).  The protein is fully soluble – again unique in their markets.

Forensics software

A global leader in advanced forensics solutions. The company covers a full range of forensic disciplines including DNA analysis, fingerprints and marks, digital forensics, biology, drugs, firearms, toxicology and medicine, alcohol defense, CCTV and audio, and employs some of the leading scientists in the industry at its high-tech laboratories.
The company’s value proposition and transformative human identification solutions address clear demand for advanced methods in chemical and biological evidence that supports policing, national security and counterterrorism. In a fast moving changing environment in national security, especially in Europe and the mid-east, the company is poised to add high added value in the intelligence process in both civil and national security markets. The company has registered several patents in the field of chemistry and biology. The focus of the project was to prove what was learned in research, and by further development, to get its applications ready for commercialization.

Email software

Technology start-up with a focus on transforming email communication in the future.
The application of artificial intelligence to communication and work management to help organizations to become more efficient. The focus was to use these techniques to develop capabilities that optimize the act of finding work, and to streamline the experience of doing work.

Crowd-funding platform

Equity crowd-funding with a focus to allow investors to buy into businesses which they believe in and to share their success.
The focus was to understand investor behavior and the factors which contribute towards the success of a campaign on their platform. By understanding these factors the company aims to increase entrepreneurs’ success rates in raising capital, whilst at the same time provide investors with better investment opportunities that are appealing to them.


An industry leader which is developing a range of compounds which modify the human microbiome, to prevent and manage human disease.
The company believes that recent advances in science have narrowed the interface between pharmacology and nutritional science and created a unique window of opportunity for the development of natural products for the prevention, management, and treatment of human diseases. The focus of the project was to establish a pipeline of microbiome modulators that can impact on lipid and cholesterol management, energy harvest and appetite suppression.

Security platform

To provide simple, innovative solutions to address the challenges of securing the Internet of Things (IoT). The company helps its customers simplify the process of establishing a robust, end-to-end security architecture within the IoT and deliver efficiencies at scale through security automation.
The goal of the project was to deliver an advanced security solution specifically designed to address known vulnerabilities and security challenges related to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Online finance platform

A platform which provides businesses with a selection of online tools to help them grow their businesses. The tools cover areas of accounting, finance, law and business planning.
To devise a new customer retention and revenue model that allows the company to optimize the inclusion of new, or adaptation of, existing services while minimizing user attrition. Therefore enabling the organization to better evaluate implementation in relation to revenue costs for said online products/services.

Smartphone technology

The company embarks on numerous projects and technical investigations each year in relation to the development of smartphone integration technologies for leading platforms, such as Google Android.
Development of wrapping technology that facilitates automated integration of compiled applications with heterogeneous mobile application monetization platforms, and the development of a software development kit which provides mobile application developers with a unified interface that facilitates the development of a portable, enhanced integrated monetization capability, including extending the scope to include Freemium capability.


Restaurants and Food Manufacturing
Research into ingredients and chemicals which can help reduce the levels of saturated fats and sugars whilst minimizing impact on taste. Research was focused on artificial sweeteners, food dyes, mycoprotein and partially hydrogenated oils.


Property and Construction Consultancy
The company focuses on providing integrated and project management services in relation to the property and construction sector. A project included replacing the external glass of a tall building. Unfortunately it was not possible to replace the glass on higher levels as access was restricted. The company invested in the development of a unique built for purpose platform which would allow the replacement of glass.

Mobile commerce platform

Global leaders in mobile ticketing and commerce which specialize in integrating, analyzing and monetizing content, products, data and services for mobile and enterprise, bridging the gaps between operator and customer.
The focus of the project was to examine new technologies and evaluating their applications to the industry of the company and client-base with a view to deployment around Europe. Primarily, this involved advancing the state of practical applications of geo-location and Bluetooth beacon technologies, with the resulting outcome being a horizontally-integrated framework for machine learning centered around location data gathered from proximity devices such as iBeacons, output as behavioral data points which can then be used as inputs to simple products such as loyalty schemes, through to more complex solutions such as transport mode capacity optimization and human behavioral influencing systems.

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