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Chemicals Industry

Datafox specialises in making R&D Tax Credit claims for those in the Chemicals Industry

Chemicals Industry

Datafox is an expert in making successful R&D Tax Credit claims for those within the Chemicals Industry

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The chemicals industry is one of the UK’s largest, most essential industries that gives revenue of approximately 62.8 Bn Euros and a GVA (gross value added) of around £18.3 Bn. From the R&D Tax Credits point of view, the chemicals industry is one of the most popular sectors because of the extensive amount of research that is undertaken in the field. Chemical companies routinely develop and improve formulations for new products and are thus, eligible to receive R&D Tax Relief. Whether it’s experimenting, producing, or applying chemicals and materials in laboratories or large industrial plants, any R&D in the chemicals sector can qualify for R&D Tax Credits. 

Innovations in the chemical sector and chemical engineering often have a significant impact on our day-to-day lives. Some chemical products like soaps, detergents and cleaning products are purchased directly by the customers, whereas some as ingredients in other chemical processes or product development. Regardless of their end-use, chemical products play a vital role in our daily lives in some form or the other. Even though a majority of chemical companies spend considerable time and money on R&D, many of them are still missing out on R&D Tax Credits. Some of the areas that could qualify for R&D Tax Relief in the chemicals sector are:

  • Experimenting with chemical structures to develop new formulations
  • Manufacturing custom chemical ingredients to use them as raw materials in pharmaceutical industries and other chemical-based R&D.
  • Combining organic, inorganic, and biochemical substances to reduce the energy of activation, increase selectivity, and reduce energy usage.
  • Innovatively using nanomaterials to improve chemical processes
  • Working with petrochemicals such as in gas & oil refineries and reducing their impact on the environment
  • Using organic products to develop environment-friendly chemicals
  • Developing innovative methods of purifying and recycling products
  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions through technological innovations
  • Solving any technical glitches during the chemical production process

Why Choose Datafox for Chemicals Industry related R&D Tax Credit Claims?

Datafox is an expert in making R&D Tax Credit claims for those within the chemicals industry. Our tax specialists have worked on several claims for businesses in this sector and can provide the correct guidance and solutions to your organisation. We can identify all the opportunities and qualifying costs in your R&D so you can receive the maximum cashback for your innovation. Datafox does not charge any upfront costs and operates on a No-Win-No-Fee basis, so you can enjoy a secure and risk-free claims process.

Innovation in the Chemicals Industry

From innovation in speciality chemicals such as bridging and vibration reduction to fine chemicals, polymers, composites, and green chemicals, the scope of innovation in the chemical sector is tremendous. Regardless of the scope and outcome of your innovation, we can help you gain funding through the R&D Tax Credit scheme. Simply call us on 0800 035 2510 or email us at info@data-fox.com to check if your business is eligible and start your claim!


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