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About Datafox, the R&D Tax Credit Specialists?

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Why Choose Datafox?

  • Win-Win

    At Datafox we believe in creating lasting relationships with our clients based on delivering successful outcomes. Accordingly, we operate a rewards-based fee structure whereby we are paid on savings we help deliver. Our clients receive the largest portion of savings and there are no hidden fees.

  • Technical Expertise

    Our team is comprised of financial, industry and technological experts that help Datafox achieve 99% success rates and provide innovative solutions in an ever-changing commercial landscape. We are able to help a broad range of organisations manage complex datasets and find opportunities often overlooked by existing tax accountants.

  • Recurring Claims

    At Datafox, we believe in Success Through Innovation and once we have successfully helped your business get the best possible R&D Tax Credits claim, we will work with you to ensure you get the best HMRC R&D relief moving forward so your business can focus on innovating.

  • Tailored Approach to each R&D Claim

    Our team have a huge amount of experience helping organisations maximise income and cut costs. We have worked with large public sector bodies and private organisations and also have broad experience working with SME’s. We provide a tailored approach based on a thorough understanding of our client’s business.

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