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Electrical engineering is an important driver of innovation which holds the power to influence the quality of life. Following this belief, our pioneering electrical contractor and engineering firm has remained at the forefront of this advanced sector by delivering complex electrical projects throughout the UK for over 25 years.  In recent years, we identified the need for power-efficient electrical solutions that could improve the standard of living without costing an arm and leg. This led us to develop a unique and inventive range of bespoke solutions that took power efficiency to the next level.

Futuristic Products Made with the Finest Technology

After recognising the demand for this specific kind of electrical products, our team invested a significant amount of time and money to conduct the necessary research into developing them. The resulting custom range of electrical products included lighting systems, power systems, primary grid systems, containment systems, multiple earthing systems to white spaces, battery & UPS rooms/systems, control panels, fire alarm systems, security systems, power supplies, LED solutions, cabling systems, connectivity solutions, high voltage systems, data centre solutions and enabling works package, all of which are designed to give unparalleled performance and efficiency.

Like any electrical engineering R&D procedure, our new product development process faced a number of funding and technical challenges which we had to overcome in order to succeed in our endeavours. All of this was promptly identified by the DataFox team, who reached out at the right time to help us make an R&D claim. They not only recognised the potential of the unique technological advancements made by our company but also appreciated all the time and resources that went into the development of our products.

DataFox made sure we had a precise understanding of how much we could claim and how much we were owed if our claim were successful. Their team conducted thorough research, collated all the required information, and helped write a compelling narrative around the projects and products we had developed and the technical obstacles we had to overcome. DataFox took care of nearly all the paperwork and made sure all the information was assessed by their internal review board before submitting it to HMRC. And the best part about working with them was that they handled the whole process swiftly and efficiently on a no-win-no-fee basis.

Many electrical contractors and engineering companies involved in developing bespoke engineering solutions struggle when making an R&D claim. DataFox are a leading R&D Tax Credit specialists who have successfully handled the claims for several companies developing unique electrical and mechanical projects. So, if you are looking for experts in R&D refund claims who specialise in the Electrical Contracting and Engineering Industry, DataFox is your ideal choice.

There are no upfront costs with DataFox – in the unlikely event your claim is declined, we do not charge you. You only pay our fee if the claim is successful and when this has been paid by HMRC!

Want to discuss further and see if your company is eligible? Contact Tony Martinez, Senior Claims Manager e: tony.martinez@data-fox.com t: 0800 035 2510