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Financial Services

Datafox specialise in R&D Tax Credits for the Financial Services Industry

Financial Services Industry

Datafox specialises in delivering R&D Tax Credits for those within the Financial Services industry.

Looking for an investment that has no downside?
One where the only investment required is a small amount of your time?

The Financial Services Industry contributes £119 billion to the British economy on a yearly basis. The financial services sector represents 6.5% of the UK’s total economic output. The industry is most significant in London, where 50% of the sector’s output is generated.

Datafox specialises in the Financial Services Industry. We understand your business and industry enabling our team of claim experts to successfully process your submission quickly and accurately keeping you informed of the progress every step of the way. In the last 12 months, the Datafox Research and Development Tax Credit Experts have processed £17 million pounds worth of claims on a NO WIN NO FEE BASIS and with NO UPFRONT costs.

Banking and Finance

Since the introduction of the Research and Development Tax Credits scheme over 100,000 claims have been made with more than £9.5 billion of tax relief issued. Remarkably the Financial Services Industry has lagged behind other industries in processing claims.
What is even more remarkable is the R&D tax credits scheme enables a business to claim more in relief than their actual tax payment! If your organisation operates within Banking and Finance sector make sure you are making a claim.


Partner with Datafox to deliver your clients the expertise in claiming Tax Credits while at the same time earning your accountancy practice a rewarding fee.
Datafox provides support services for hundreds of Accountants across the UK adding value to their client relationship and their bottom lines.
Learn more about our Accountant Partnership Scheme

Tax Specialists

There are many elements of taxation management including Research and Development Tax Credits. Would it surprise you learn that Datafox provides their services to companies within all aspects of the tax management sector including those dealing with R&D Tax Credits?
Our expertise in processing claims is second to none. Datafox can demonstrate an unbeaten track record in improves claims by over 30%.
Learn more about our Partner Scheme.

Financial Planning

Our experience suggests those within the Financial Planning sector are increasingly employing more significant financial resources towards research and development spend on technology. Investments include software and technology development to address strategic business imperatives, such as customer data management and communication.
The flip side is that many of these companies are failing to claim their rightful R&D Tax Credits due to them.
Are you one?


Datafox has helped many Insurance companies process successful claims for various R&D projects. In particular major IT projects are often undertaken by Insurance companies presenting the perfect opportunity for a successful claim.
Has your Insurance business:
– Developed complex theoretical models in the factoring of risk assessment or pricing?
– Automated manual processing through software development?
– Developed reporting functions to address customers’ requests?
– Integrated client solutions with in-house software?
– Developed big data solutions?

Investments and Pensions

With the rise in automated advisers and increasing use of Apps the Investments and Pensions sector has never been so eligible for Research and Development Tax Credits.
And yet the story is the same, more than 95% of Investments and Pensions businesses are failing to process an R&D claim.
The most significant barrier appears to be the misconception of the investment in time required. Datafox goes to great lengths to minimise the time requirement of customers as we appreciate you have a business to operate. Also, Datafox process claims on a NO Win NO Fee basis so would you take an investment that has only an upside?

Ready to apply?

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