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When developing quality skincare products, the “less is more” approach often gives the best results. That is what Zaffrin and Brian, the owners of Five Dot Botanics, did with their sublime new vegan skincare range. Instead of using a plethora of synthetic chemical ingredients like the majority of the commercial beauty and skincare brands, they developed the Five Dot Botanics range using only FIVE botanical ingredients. The result; a unique, high-quality skincare range free from synthetic chemicals and full of natural goodness!

Better, Fewer Ingredients for Better Skin

Healthy skin does not require many complex ingredients. Sufficient quantities of just five quality ingredients are all that’s needed to give the skin a desirable glow and freshness. The Five Dot Botanics range includes a combination of five botanical ingredients derived from plants, seeds, nuts, and flowers, such as Chamomile Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Carrot Root Extract, Rose Water, Coffee Seed Oil, Glycerine and more. It includes cleansers, face masks, oils and serums, mists and toners, and eye serum. Formulated using the green chemistry principles, each of these products is carefully created using only five botanical ingredients.

The biggest challenges involved in creating a minimalistic and vegan skincare range like Five Dot Botanics are sourcing appropriate ingredients that do not pose a risk to the environment and living beings, checking their biocompatibility, and creating combinations that offer maximum efficacy. Many of these products are also anhydrous or require minimal water for application, a feature not commonly found in most commercial beauty products. Five Dot Botanics also seeks innovation in packaging and waste reduction by using recyclable glass and other materials like FSC certified mix boards that are more environment-friendly.

Since R&D and innovation were part of every aspect of the sourcing, development, processing and packaging of the Five Dot Botanics range, it was an ideal candidate for an R&D Tax Credit claim within the cosmetics industry. Our tax experts at Datafox were able to identify all the relevant opportunities within their process and develop a suitable narrative that helped them receive the maximum claim value.

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