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R&D Tax Relief for Food and Beverage Companies

There is a myth surrounding R&D Tax Relief that only science or technology companies can apply. Food and beverage companies such as breweries, caterers, restaurants and bars can too.
A recent Datafox example is within the dairy-free kosher food industry, This company has developed and adapted a range of handling processes and recipes resulting in dishes that are unrecognisable as kosher by way of texture, flavour and mouth feel and palate appeal. Alternatively, you could develop a new app in your restaurant in an innovative way.
There are many R&D opportunities within these industries and that they are often missed.
If a Ltd company in the UK is seeking an advance in knowledge or improving a product or service, and Resolving uncertainties in the process, then you may well have a claim, These claims can also be substantial, recovering up to 33.35% tax relief on staff costs, consumable materials, utilities (power, water and fuel), computer software and potentially lots more.
Consider the following examples of activities that may qualify as R&D;

  • Improving the taste, texture, or nutritional content
  • Incorporating new or sustainable ingredients
  • Producing sample batches in a test kitchen


  • Developing techniques that will reduce costs and/or improve product consistency
  • Redesigning processes to comply with new legislation
  • Improving machinery and equipment to ensure safe and hygienic handling of food


  • Creating new packaging to improve shelf life, durability, and/or product integrity
  • Reducing materials or using more environmentally friendly materials in packaging
  • Introducing new or alternative materials to improve packaging


  • Creating new methods for minimising contamination, scrap, waste, and spoilage
  • Increasing energy efficiency of water, fuel, and utilities through introduction of new technologies
  • Developing processes to convert waste to energy

Datafox are R&D Tax Claim specialists, and experts in the food and beverage industry, with a 100% success rate. We know exactly what to look for, therefore optimising the outcome.