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Architecture is one of the oldest, most impactful industries which influences society and the way we live, unlike any other. Every building or establishment requires a rigorous, experimental process, including extensive research and development, to determine the right design, method and materials needed to achieve perfection in form and function. Even so, many architecture firms are still unaware of certain government incentives that are available to support their R&D work. One such incentive by the HMRC is R & D Tax Credits for architects. Any architecture firm that is involved in developing innovative techniques, materials or designs that can have a meaningful impact on the industry and how it functions, is eligible to make an R & D Tax Credit claim. If you are conducting vital R and D in architecture and this is the first time you’re reading about R & D Tax Credits for your industry, here’s a helpful guide on how to go about making a successful claim.

The first and most important thing is to determine the complexity of the R & D being conducted and whether it meets the eligibility requirements set out by HMRC, to be considered for an R and D tax relief for architects. Since innovation is the foundation of all architectural projects, the majority of architecture firms are involved in some or the other kind of research and development, without actually understanding its significance and eligibility for tax relief. There are two broad criteria under which any architectural innovation may be eligible for R and D tax credits:

Scientific or Technological Advancement

Any project or R & D that expands on or adds to any existing technological or scientific knowledge may be considered eligible by the HRMC. This can include but not be limited to, design and structural aspects, process improvements, building materials and methods, etc.

Resolving a Technological Complexity

If you have managed to find a solution to an existing technological difficulty regarding any process, materials, or structural design, you could be eligible to get tax relief from HMRC.

To give you a better idea, here are some of the things that could qualify for R and D tax credits for architecture:

  • Development of an innovative technological process for design and construction
  • Creation of advanced computer applications and tools for tackling specific architectural problems
  • Development and use of unique VR and 3D visualisation tools
  • Evaluation of existing technology, processes, and materials to identify the scope of enhancement
  • Upgradations and extensions in 3D printing processes
  • Innovative use of BIM, thermal and wind modelling

Now that you understand what qualifies for architectural R and D tax relief, let us tell you how you can make a successful claim to HMRC and maximise your cash back.

In order to make an impactful claim, the first thing you’ll need to do is get an expert on board. Datafox are specialists in making R & D tax credit claims for architects and have helped a number of architecture firms make successful claims for their innovation. Our architecture R and D tax credit specialists have all the required knowledge and experience to efficiently guide you through the process and handle your claim professionally.

The Datafox team will help you identify all the examples and aspects of your project, including the processes, materials and technologies involved, in order to streamline the selection of valid R and D opportunities. We’ll encourage you to ask the right questions, such as:

  • Have we developed an innovative method or process?
  • Did we overcome any technological uncertainty through the intended results?
  • Did our solution advance on existing scientific or technological knowledge?

Once we have a list of everything that could qualify for R and D tax relief, we’ll set about planning and writing a powerful claim that gives you maximum cashback against any expenses made during the project. Regardless of the scale of your business and the magnitude of your project, Datafox can help you receive R and D tax credits for your architectural innovation within a few weeks! From employees’ salaries and overhead charges to material costs and software licences, R & D tax credits can help you claim back the costs for a number of things associated with your project. So, don’t wait any longer! Get in touch with us to check your eligibility and make a successful R and D tax credit claim for your architectural innovation.

There are no upfront costs with DataFox – in the unlikely event your claim is declined, we do not charge you. You only pay our fee if the claim is successful and when this has been paid by HMRC!

Want to discuss further and see if your company is eligible? Contact Tony Martinez, Senior Claims Manager e: tony.martinez@data-fox.com t: 0800 035 2510