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Haircare has gradually emerged out as one of the most popular branches of cosmetics, with new and innovative products being introduced in the market every other day. We are one such industry veterans who have been producing high-quality haircare products for a while and are dedicated towards the development of innovative haircare ranges for the changing demands of the population. Our adept team has developed a successful range of salon professional haircare products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair straightening products, hair repair cremes, hair oils, hair serums, brushes, hair colouring products, frizz limiters, styling products, volumising boosters, gels, mousses, and hairsprays.

Versatile, Quality Haircare

In recent years, we were able to identify the need for organic hair products and subsequently invest significant time and money into developing an all-natural haircare line which was free of bleaches, SLS products and parabens. In order to keep it completely natural, we also developed our own unique plastic-free packaging and established a bespoke online shop/ecommerce retail solution for promoting these products. The creation of these fully organic hair products required extensive research and development and considerable capital, for testing their efficacy and marketing them to the right audience.

When DataFox approached us regarding the R&D tax refund scheme, we got excited about the prospect of receiving some valuable tax credit that could help us continue our work and cover some of our costs. DataFox carried out the whole process swiftly and on a no-win-no-fees basis. The expert team was able to recognise the scientific technological advances made by our company and the technical challenges we overcame, then helped us write an excellent narrative based on all the information they had accumulated. The procedure was completely hassle-free and even included a meticulous review by their internal board before the application was submitted to HMRC.

DataFox is the only tax specialist you will need if you are developing haircare products, shampoos, conditioners, styling products, men’s grooming products, serums, styling products or boosters. Their tax experts can determine if you are eligible to receive an R&D tax refund and can give a clear idea of how much you are owed and can claim from the government.

There are no upfront costs with DataFox – in the unlikely event your claim is declined, we do not charge you. You only pay our fee if the claim is successful and when this has been paid by HMRC!

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