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Datafox specialise in R&D Tax Credits for the Cosmetics Industry

Cosmetics Industry

Datafox specialises in delivering R&D Tax Credits for those within the Cosmetics industry.

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The beauty industry generates around £30 billion annually for the UK economy. The largest share of this came from purchases of care and maintenance products, worth £10.4 billion. A further £8.7 billion was generated through purchases of personal enhancement products, while £8.0 billion was spent on the huge range of beauty services.

The Cosmetics industry is increasingly required to find alternative chemical product formulations that meet both the natural skincare trend as well as the need for sustainability. It’s a highly competitive industry and as such companies are continually innovating to gain a competitive advantage. Differentials are achieved via product development, technology innovations, as well as unique packaging materials. Chemists and cosmetic engineers are continuously involved in research and development to devise products and production processes to satisfy customer’s requirements. Therefore, there are many opportunities for potential R&D Tax Credit claims, such as: 

  • Develop new or improved chemical product formulations
  • Develop and test new or improved packaging and packaging equipment
  • Generate prototypes and samples of new products for testing and validation
  • Develop new or improved distribution methods
  • Develop or upgrade technology and software used within the R&D process

Datafox specialise in the Cosmetics Industry

Datafox specialises in the Cosmetics Industry. We understand your business and industry enabling our team of claim experts to successfully process your submission quickly and accurately keeping you informed of the progress every step of the way. In the last 12 months, the Datafox Research and Development Tax Credit Experts have processed £30 million pounds worth of claims on a NO WIN NO FEE BASIS and with NO UPFRONT costs.

Beauty Industry  Products

The Beauty industry from manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and service providers are innovating within their businesses to improve efficiency and gain a competitive advantage. Whatever stage your business is within the distribution process, you could be rewarded for your innovation via the research and development tax credits scheme.

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Mini Case Study:

A brewing company that brews beer & operates some pubs on the south coast of England. The claim processed by the expert Datafox team relates to challenges to meet two independent issues regarding regulatory compliance: in the first instance, the brewer was required to invent a custom solution to the discharge of effluent into the sewer system after an issue was raised by the local water company. In the second instance, the brewer was required to design & install a bespoke extraction & air filtration system into the kitchens of one of their pubs. To meet the former requirement, a number of off-the-shelf solutions were tried but found to be wanting. In the end, the brewer had to make modifications to an Oil Tank system to allow capacity for effluent to be held during periods of excessive flow so that filtration systems could cope. To meet the air filtration requirement, the brewer had to work closely with subcontractors to design a system that would fit into an old building, and that would satisfy local authority & DEFRA regulations.

A successful claim was made with the brewer receiving a substantial cash back payment from HMRC with eight weeks.