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Datafox specialise in R&D Tax Credits for the Electrical industry

Electrical Industry

Datafox specialises in delivering R&D Tax Credits for those within the Electrical industry.

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Research and development play an important role in the progression of the electricals sector. From independent companies to government associations and private networks, the electrical industry in the UK includes multiple players who are constantly engaged in research and development of new products and processes. It is an important industry that employs a large number of skilled workers in the country and is worth almost £13.5 billion a year. And the need for new scientific innovation in the electrical sector is only increasing, thanks to our growing dependence on advanced electrical equipment in the current environment.

Whether it is developing new and unique devices or modifying an existing technology to improve the functionality of an equipment, there are several opportunities for innovation which can lead to the advancement of the electrical industry. While there is plenty of scope for innovation, all the extensive research and development often comes with complex challenges that need to be overcome in order to get the desired results. This not only requires exceptionally skilled technicians who can come up with suitable solutions, but also considerable funding to carry out the R&D work. This is where DataFox can help those within the electrical industry to claim R & D tax credit from the government to support and reward their technological advancements.

If you or your company have conducted any kind of research and development to create bespoke electrical solutions with exceptional efficiency, you could be eligible to claim R & D tax credit. Some of the examples of electrical scientific innovations could include:

  • Developing power efficient, bespoke electrical solutions
  • Prototyping devices to be used in various conditions which are unique and extreme
  • Modifying existing products to improve their accuracy, efficiency, and reliability
  • Developing new electrical technology to tackle engineering, medical, construction and other crucial challenges
  • Designing new electrical systems and developing unique installation processes

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    Datafox Specialise in the Electrical Industry 

    DataFox specialises in the Electrical industry. Our team has valuable knowledge and experience of handling complex as well as relatively straightforward electrical industry R & D claims in a way that ensures our clients receive the maximum value for their work. We keep you informed of the progress from start to finish and process your claim on a no-win-no-fee basis with no upfront costs.

    Electrical Industry Solutions

    Developing innovative electrical solutions requires significant time and money. We at DataFox understand the importance of scientific advancement and are always eager to help those within the electrical industry get the R & D tax credit they deserve. Regardless of the scale and stage of your business within the development process, we can help build the right narrative and make a robust R & D tax credit claim for your innovation and new product development.

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