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The covid-19 pandemic took a toll on many industries and sectors – but the education sector was particularly hit hard. Schools were forced to shut down during the lockdown and were compelled to find alternative learning methods. The sudden shift away from classroom learning led to the rise of online learning. While online education has been around for some time, the pandemic acted as a catalyst for schools to fully integrate digital-based learning. To create a seamless E-learning platform, businesses in the UK have been consistently trying to innovate and introduce novel digital solutions and agile technology in the education sector. They are developing innovative tools and solutions that can improve the quality of education and help schools explore the full potential of digital learning. Below we talk about some of the technological advances driving innovation in the education sector.

  • Virtual Reality

Offering one of the most immersive learning experiences, virtual reality is the future of online education. Imagine a student taking a history class – experiencing all the sights and sounds in real-time in a simulated world. This is all possible due to virtual reality. It has captured the students’ interest and made learning more exciting and fun. Integrating virtual reality with the curriculum has also led to lesser distractions and better information retention, making it one of the most popular areas of innovation in education.       

  • E-learning Platforms

A 24/7 E-learning platform means you always have access to learning as long as you have an internet connection. Some of its impressive features include video-assisted learning, desktop sharing tools, PowerPoint presentations and online quizzes. This allows the students to move through the lessons and tests at their own pace. It also allows them to come back to a concept and re-learn or revise it again if they had trouble understanding it the first time. In addition, a good E-learning platform sends out automated alerts for upcoming homework submissions and deadlines, and its advanced analytics also help you track your performance.

  • Innovative EdTech Tools 

Various ed-tech tools enhance the online learning experience to better support remote learning. From real-time online tutoring, providing e-books, pre-recorded videos and voiceovers to accessing a centralized E-learning platform, businesses have invested in several Edtech tools that meet all the needs of the teachers and the students. In addition, innovative Edtech tools engage students at a deeper level and empower the process of online learning as a whole. 

  • Artificial Intelligence

AI is the latest disruptor in the education sector in the UK. Artificial intelligence related solutions offer personalized learning – updating themselves to match students’ learning speed. AI is also perfect in situations where automation is required – reducing teachers’ burdens and eliminating the scope of technical errors. AI chatbots also provide quicker assistance while resolving student queries and are the focus of innovation in many education businesses. 

  • Open Online Courses

With the development of open online courses, you don’t need access to top institutions to access quality education. Businesses invest heavily in these open platforms to ensure high quality and global accessibility. Whether you want to simply gain knowledge or advance your career – you can choose any open online course. Anybody from any corner of the world can learn and grow despite their financial and social status. 

Futuristic and innovative technological solutions in the education sector are changing the online learning landscape for the better. Whether developing a new Edtech technology from scratch or providing advanced IT solutions to improve the existing system, businesses are going all out to ensure a seamless learning experience for the future generation. The HMRC’s R&D Tax Credit scheme enables businesses to get funding for their R&D and innovation strategies in the education sector. To help you leverage this benefit, the R&D Tax experts at Datafox can make a successful claim and get the maximum payout you deserve.