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Mobile Applications

Datafox specialises in R&D Tax Credits for Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Datafox specialises in delivering R&D Tax Credits for those within the Mobile Applications industry.

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The rising demand for technically upgraded smartphones has also given a boost to the mobile applications industry. The UK provides an investment-friendly, research-supportive environment that is ideal for the design and development of high-quality mobile apps that serve several different functions. So much so, that the UK mobile applications development market is expected to reach approximately £73 billion in 2022, and the smartphone application sales revenue is expected to reach £31 billion by 2025. The country’s tech and software industries are considered to be among the top in the world and are often seen as the driving forces behind economic development, thanks to all the continuous research and development being carried out at all levels. 

One of the challenges faced by businesses within the mobile apps development sector is the highly competitive environment in which they function. With thousands of apps being developed worldwide each month, app developers need to come with creative and innovative ideas to stand out from the crowd. R&D is the key to developing innovative mobile apps that meet the evolving demands of smartphone users. In the UK, there are more than 8000 businesses that are involved in developing new and unique mobile applications and conducting ground-breaking R&D in the software sector. However, many of these businesses are unaware of the funding channels available to their business through various government schemes. 

The R&D Tax Credit scheme is one such government incentive that can help those within the mobile application development industry gain valuable funding for their innovative apps. Some of the areas in this sector, that can qualify for R&D Tax Credits are:

  • Improving the security levels in an app to provide better protection to users
  • Enabling apps to scale any device type and size to provide the best user experience across all devices
  • Developing user-friendly (low or no coded) apps that need little or no technical knowledge to create, deploy and manage
  • Developing Cloud-based software models that make it easier to create and manage apps in Cloud and make them functional instantly
  • Developing apps that offer cross-device integration with other smart devices as well as wearable technologies 
  • Improving the sensitivity and accuracy of apps to provide better measurement and location-based services
  • Improving the technology behind an existing application to make it more efficient and user-friendly

Why Choose Datafox for Mobile Applications Related R&D Tax Credit Claims?

Datafox is an expert when it comes to processing R&D Tax Credit claims for those within the mobile applications industry. Our team will help identify the right opportunities in your app development project and guide you through the whole process of making an efficient R&D Tax claim for the same. We will help you claim the amount you deserve and work with you on a no-win-no-fee basis with no upfront costs, so you can have complete peace of mind with regards to your claim. 

Innovative Mobile Applications

Whether it is devising new technology, modifying existing technology, developing new tools, or enhancing processes, several areas within mobile app development could be eligible for R&D Tax Credits. Regardless of the type of your innovation, our expert team will take excellent care of your claim from start to finish. Datafox is the only R&D Tax expert you need to get the maximum potential cashback for your innovative mobile app. 

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