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We are a pet food start-up involved in production and manufacturing of premium quality food and treats for dogs and cats. Our company understood the need for an innovative range of pet food and treats that was not only delicious but also good for the health of your precious pet. Which is why, we carried out extensive research to develop a unique range of nutritious “all natural” raw dog food, cat food and treats.

Finest Natural Pet Food Products

Having identified the gap for natural food products in the pet food market, our company invested considerable time and money to produce and manufacture our special and innovative line of pet food products which included wet and dry dog food, chews, treats and wet and dry cat food. We also spent a significant sum on developing our own unique plastic free packaging to keep it all natural and developed a bespoke online shop/ecommerce retail solution for marketing and selling our products. As we were a new venture, we had to overcome many challenges and cash crunches in order to successfully produce our special pet food line.

Which is why, when DataFox made us aware about the R&D tax credit scheme, we were eager to make a claim and receive funding to continue our research and development process. Once they confirmed our eligibility and that we could receive a cash payment if successful (as we were not yet profitable and had no tax liabilities), DataFox set out to gather all the relevant information required to make a successful claim. The whole process was quick and smooth and was carried out on a no win no fees basis. They identified and acknowledged all the advancements we had made, the unique products we had developed and the technical difficulties we had overcome and prepared all the paperwork diligently. DataFox wrote a compelling narrative around this, which was assessed by their internal review board before the final submission to HMRC.

If you are a producer or manufacturer of dog food, cat food, pet food, dog treats, pet supplements, dog vitamins/minerals, veterinary products, tick and flea treatments, dog shampoo, dog conditioner, dog grooming products, raw dog food, raw cat food, chews, or any pet products, DataFox can help you make a successful R&D refund claim as they specialise in the pet food industry.

There are no upfront costs with DataFox – in the unlikely event your claim is declined, we do not charge you. You only pay our fee if the claim is successful and when this has been paid by HMRC!

Want to discuss further and see if your company is eligible? Contact Tony Martinez, Senior Claims Manager e: tony.martinez@data-fox.com t: 0800 035 2510