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Innovation and versatility are not easy to achieve when it comes to cosmetics, but SKNHEAD managed to attain both in their exclusive range of unique male skincare and grooming products. Developed with tireless precision by celebrity hairdresser Adee Phelan, the SKNHEAD range includes a variety of grooming essentials for men such as a shampoo, styling clay, a toner, hair pomade, a hair styling spray, a foaming cream and the most cutting-edge 4-in-1 skin moisturising and hair treatment cream designed to work on tattooed skin, face, beard and hair.

The Beauty Industry Gets a New Star!

Not many skincare brands for men can boast of a collection as inventive as SKNHEAD’s. Their original 4-in-1 skin moisturising and hair treatment cream, for instance, is a balanced, completely unique product, which was resolutely developed over a period of 5 years through a rigorous iterative development process. Adee Phelan, who won the Top British Male Hairdresser Award in 2000 and has been on multiple TV shows since, was very keen on developing distinctive cosmetic products, especially well-suited for people with tattoos and dry skin. And even though industry experts regarded his R&D project “impossible,” he relentlessly carried out his research using innovative recipes and formulations including cocoa butter, refined palm oil and Vitamin E, and developed a ground-breaking, multipurpose product that was unlike any other in the market.

As new product development is often expensive and exhaustive, Adee was looking to raise some funds to carry on his pioneering work. That’s where DataFox came in the picture! The DataFox team helped him understand how his work was eligible for a Research and Development Tax Credit and worked on getting him a claim that would aid in his R&D process and ultimately, lead to the growth of his brand.

By developing a suitable narrative that included all the necessary aspects needed to achieve maximum claim potential and then correctly submitting the application, the proficient team at DataFox helped SKNHEAD secure a repayment of over £30K. Adee Phelan was able to use this money for product development as well as marketing, both of which contributed towards the overall progress of his business. 

Making a R&D credit claim is not straightforward, and most accountants struggle with the process involved. Which is why business owners like Adee Phelan, whose brands are involved in developing innovative services and products, trust R&D Tax Credit specialists like DataFox to handle their claim.

There is no risk involved. No upfront payment, and in the unlikely event your claim is declined, there is no payment required by your business.

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