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Is your tech industry business missing your government ‘loyalty bonus’?
Here’s an interesting statistic for you: Over 85% of British households now have loyalty cards, with an average of more than 3 per household. We’re second in the world only to Finland as avid users of loyalty programmes (source: Nielsen global loyalty sentiment survey).
Fancy that! It’s now completely normal for us to expect nice things in return for money we were already going to spend. We just register, then go about our lives accumulating benefits by purchasing what we needed anyway.
But of course, there’s a good reason for loyalty programmes, isn’t there? It’s almost as if we’re being incentivised…
You can see what we’re driving at.  Invest in your usual programme of tech industry projects, then claim back tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, as a spur to yet more innovation and creativity. Just like a loyalty bonus and we do it all the time elsewhere. But it’s not happening in tech.
Lots of head scratching has ensued.  As many as 95% of British tech companies could claim their R&D tax credits back from HMRC, but it goes unclaimed. Maybe it’s all too complicated, maybe the criteria isn’t clear enough, maybe this, maybe that. But there’s really no mystery. There’s a good practical reason why the claims aren’t happening:
It’s out of process. It’s simply not in the daily operational focus of almost any tech industry company.
But it is our focus. R&D tax claims are our tech.
Just look at a few of the qualifying criteria for R&D tax credits. It’s your bread and butter:

  • New product development
  • Improved functionality of hardware/software
  • New or improved methods of data capture, transmission and encryption
  • Upgrade software to run on new hardware
  • Issue resolution of new or existing hardware/software

While you pursue your areas of expertise, we pursue ours for you. We undertake a 3-step process that to date, has lead to every claim we’ve made being approved first time:

  1. Research and identify appropriate projects
  2. Develop and prepare a fully compliant claim
  3. Delivery of the claim for a successful outcome

In the last 12 months, datafox has successfully processed an astonishing £17 million worth of claims for our clients, all managed through our fast, efficient and transparent claim process.
Contact Datafox today, and discover how your business could benefit from our proven claims process. After all, it’s your cash! Let’s claim it back.