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The telecommunications industry is one of the few sectors that have met the increased demand for better service and support throughout the pandemic. Telecom businesses effectively responded to the need for better connectivity and continued support, even when a majority of businesses in other sectors failed to maintain their usual service levels. And the secret behind the success of the telecommunications sector is advancement in technology. Technological advances have played a crucial role in transforming this industry. From 5G networks, wireless connectivity, and IoT to AI and optical fibre, every recent telecoms trend has been based on technological innovation. Here we discuss these popular trends in telecommunications that are being driven by technological advancement. 

5G Networks

A fifth-generation wireless technology that can provide unmatched connectivity and speed, 5G is one of the best technological advancements of recent times. Swift downloads, efficient connectivity, faster access to information, and minimal video buffering are some of the defining features of 5G networks. Moreover, private 5G networks offer improved bandwidth, speed, and security, and can ultimately transform the entire user experience for the customers. They are particularly beneficial to businesses and individuals who require high-speed connectivity to enable frequent video calls, streaming, and virtual learning.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning

Like many other industries, the telecommunications industry has also been left better after being touched by AI and machine learning. The vast amount of data generated and collected by businesses within the telecom sector is analysed efficiently by AI and machines to identify patterns and trends that can help telecom businesses make better, informed decisions regarding their services and products. AI and machine learning are also essential for automating manual, repetitive tasks and identifying security threats and patterns, which can be analysed and prevented by businesses far before they can occur. 

Edge Computing

Edge computing has gained a lot of momentum in the past few years thanks to its capacity to reduce latency in the telecommunications industry. It brings the processing capability close to the location of the device in real-time, decreasing the dependence on Cloud data centres and reducing latency. Edge computing is also popular for reducing overall network traffic and improving its performance, especially in businesses. 

GDPR & Security Encryption

The increasing cybersecurity threats and data protection act like GDPR have led businesses within the telecommunications industry to adopt network-wide security encryption. End-to-end encryption on calling services has been instrumental in ensuring data protection and is a vital investment area in telecoms. 

Telecommunications Innovation & R&D Tax Credits

Telecom businesses routinely overcome technological challenges in the bid to come up with better connectivity, security, and speed than their competitors. This makes them ideal candidates for R&D Tax Credits. Datafox has helped many businesses in this industry receive the maximum potential payout for their innovative telecom solutions. We can help your business receive the cashback it deserves! Our R&D Tax Credit experts will be happy to discuss your project and work on a NO-WIN-NO-FEE basis to help you get the maximum ROI. Get in touch with our team on 0800 035 2510 or email us at info@data-fox.com to get the correct advice.