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The UpCircle Beauty story is inspiring. Derived from nature, their 100% natural skincare products are of the moment. The products consist of items that would often reach landfill like used coffee grounds and brewed chai tea spices. They provide a solution for looking good as well as helping the environment. With UpCircle Beauty, you get to enjoy the uplifting benefits of nature’s skin rejuvenators – and do the planet some good, too.

That’s all-round better skincare!

The business originates from a eureka moment when founder, William Brightman was discarding cafeteria grounds. It led to investigating their use as a cosmetic product – innovation personified.
It was following an appearance on BBC TV Dragons Den by founder William Brightman, that set the grinder got going for the Datafox R&D Tax Credits experts to secured a significant cashback payment. Until that point, William was utterly unaware of the scheme and the companies potential claim. Not unusual as over 90% of eligible businesses are still to make a claim.

The use of waste coffee granules to make luxury beauty products was innovative and unique, making a claim for UpCircle Beauty reasonably straightforward. The Datafox team turned the claim around in just a couple of weeks assisting the company with additional funds that aided growth through investment in new products and marketing.

DataFox handled the claim for UpCircle Beauty from start to finish. The dedicated Datafox team ensured the application was submitted correctly, with appropriate narrative supporting the numbers and that the claim was maximised to its fullest potential.

UpCircle Beauty recognised the amount of work involved in making a tax credit claim. Noting it was a specialist area that processed correctly added significant more value to the potential pay out. The reason why most accountants do not offer this service and why a company like Datafox is best placed to handle your claim.

There is no risk involved. No upfront payment, and in the unlikely event your claim is declined, there is no payment required by your business.

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