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R&D Tax Credits Claim Assessment Service

Our tax credits team assesses claims on a daily basis, often identifying additional potential payment opportunities.

Already made an R&D claim? No problem.

Datafox provides an R&D claim assessment service. A large percentage of our business comes from claims where they have not been submitted correctly or costs have been completely missed.
The assessment process is as follows: you will have already submitted an R&D claim through another consultant or accountancy firm and they will or should have picked up on the main projects and areas of R&D expenditure. Datafox will go back through your accounts for the last 2 years and look at every item of expenditure and income in the P&L which relates in some way to R&D (within the limits and scope of the scheme), including wages (percentages of time, etc), costs and income from products developed/projects, consumable costs etc. We will then match up what has already been claimed for and look for areas of expenditure that has been missed and where a secondary/supplementary claim can be made.

What’s involved?

The assessment involves a senior member of the Datafox team such as one of our chartered tax advisors or chartered accountants checking through the existing claim, accounts and products/projects with a “fine tooth comb” approach. This is a fairly skilled process and one where knowledge of what can and cannot be claimed for is needed. It also involves a great amount of attention to detail. When this has been done initially, it goes to our review board for final checking to make sure that what we are claiming for additionally is correct and that nothing further has been added or missed. We then submit a secondary/supplementary claim to HMRC and either get back a further corporation tax rebate for you or a cash payment if the company is not in profit. For that, we split any additional findings with the company on a 50-50 basis.
We would expect the supplementary claim to be successful and approved and paid within 4-5 weeks on average. If we did not feel anything further was claimable we would let you know immediately and no costs would be incurred – no win no fee.

Fast. Efficient. Transparent.

Ready to apply?

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