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Datafox specialise in R&D Tax Credits for the Architecture industry

Architecture Industry

Datafox specialises in delivering R&D Tax Credits for those within the Architecture industry.

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Architecture is one of the most challenging yet rewarding sectors that has the power to impact the nation’s economy. It contributes nearly £5 billion to the UK economy and is constantly driven by innovation and expansion. Spanning all the important aspects of designing a building including the aesthetics, mathematical calculations as well as the actual construction process, architecture presents several opportunities for architects to research and develop new techniques and materials in order to meet the changing demands of the industry.

It has become imperative for individual architects and architectural firms to carry out research and development into unique materials and techniques that can help them design practical, aesthetically appealing buildings that also comply with government standards. While doing so, they often face several engineering and structural obstacles which need to be overcome through research into finding unique solutions with regards to the construction site, materials, design, tools, and technology. Hence, the growth and evolution of the architecture and design industry in the UK is dependent on continuous research and development.

Such R & D work requires substantial finance, which can be obtained by claiming the R&D tax credit. Firms and individuals can qualify to claim an R & D tax benefit if they have developed complex solutions to overcome challenges which may include:

  • Development of technological processes that facilitate the design and construction of complex structures
  • Creation of customized computer-based design tools to solve specific architectural complications
  • Design and development of special geometrical and analytical tools
  • Development of unique virtual reality (VR) and 3D visualisation tools
  • Upgradations and extensions in 3D printing processes
  • Innovative use of BIM, thermal and wind modelling

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DataFox Specialise in the Architecture Industry 

Over the years, we have gained significant experience in identifying the right R & D tax opportunities for a number of architectural firms. Our team can provide the right guidance throughout the claims process and take care of the documentation to maximise your chances of success. We will keep you informed of the progress from start to finish and process your claim on a no-win-no-fee basis with no upfront costs.

Architecture Industry Innovations

There is ample of opportunity and scope for innovation for those within the architecture industry. If you have invested time and money into modifying, upgrading, or developing new design processes, materials and technologies, we can help you make a successful R & D tax claim, regardless of the scale and stage of your business within the development and distribution process.

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